01: Introducing The Business of Meetings Podcast

If you are an independent business owner in the meeting and event space, this podcast is for you! Your host, Eric Rozenberg has created this show to bring you strategies, tips, and tactics to help your business grow. With more than 20 years in the event industry and planning events

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Are You the Juan Valdez of Your Business?

Do you know Juan Valdez? Do you identify his brand immediately when you see him? To be a successful independent meeting planner you need to establish yourself in the marketplace by developing your brand. Are you having trouble defining your brand and determining how your brand will set you apart

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woman buying ticket for event

Why Should Meetings and Events Planners Care About Blockchain?

This week, I was attending INTIX 2019, The International Ticketing Association Conference, in my role as US CEO of SecuTix, the leading white-label ticketing engagement platform. We introduced a new App called “TIXnGO” which allows any venue or organizers, regardless of its ticketing platform, to “inject” ticket in the blockchain.

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How Much Do You Invest In Your Own Education?

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” I couldn’t agree more with Eleanor Roosevelt! How we shape ourselves is our own decision, and it will dramatically impact our

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Event Business Formula - Grow Your Event Business

The Secret to Growing Your Meetings and Events Business

I. KNOW. YOU. You are passionate about planning and organizing meetings and events. You are very good at putting together the logistics. You don’t mind the unexpected, the stress, actually you kind of thrive on it. So, you decided to start your own business and serve one of several clients

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Event Business Formula How to Position Yourself as an Independent Strategic Planner

How to Position Yourself as an Independent Strategic Planner

As independent meeting planners in the Meeting and Events Industry, we need to change the way we are asking questions to our clients and shift from logistics to developing a strategic partner relationship with our clientele. Instead of asking the how, what, where and when questions first, we need to

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