blue key to success

The Ultimate Independent Meeting Planner Morning Routine

                  Consistency is essential to success! As an entrepreneur in the Meetings and Event Industry, you need to find the resources to motivate yourself every day. Being an event business owner, you often find ourselves “alone at the top” putting out fires

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Event Business Formula Accountability

Who is YOUR Accountability Buddy?

                  Every Independent Meeting Planner should have an accountability buddy… Recently, I attended an event at the National Croquet Center in Palm Beach. While I was there, I played croquet (What else?!), and it got me thinking… As they were pairing us

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3 Helpful Tips on How to Deal with Jet Lag

As an event business owner, we know what it means to adapt to different time zones. Over the past 20 years, I have traveled to over 50 countries! Sometimes I am in the air more than I am on the ground, like the one time The Industry was releasing the

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brussels golf license

Do you have your golf license?

You Need To Have A License To Play Golf In Belgium! Really? Is this for real? Yep! It sure is! You need a license to play golf in Belgium! Let me share an amusing story with you that highlights cultural differences and how they can cause issues with your client’s

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stop doing list

What Is On Your STOP DOING List?

In today’s fast-paced world, we are always in motion, and continually doing various tasks throughout our day. As an Independent Meeting Planner, our TO DO List is always full and most of the time overflowing! Some of the things we do are productive and help us reach our short-term and

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My favorite App: “Holidays with the family”

Having moved with my family to the US last summer, I recently discovered that there was something called “Spring Break,” but I didn’t change my routine and posted the following “Out of Office” message before going on vacation

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I’m a Certified Ghost!

Once upon a time, there was an invisible industry called “The Meetings & Events Industry”. Invisible because nobody knew that, in the US only, it was providing 1.8 million jobs!

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Seven tips to leverage the power of Advisory Boards

  In the early nineties, I was leading the Belgian Chapter of AIESEC, the largest international association of students in economics and management, and although we were students, we already had an Advisory Board composed of the main HR Directors of our sponsors companies (Accenture (now Andersen consulting), P&G, Unilever,

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