Customer Advisory Boards are not a perk!

A Customer Advisory Board is a valuable investment for DMO’s and their customers.
For DMO’s, it’s one of the most essential strategic tools they can leverage … as long as they create an open environment that encourages candid feedback and don’t see it as another opportunity to sell the destination.

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Meetings mean business, so much business!

Which Industry directly contributes to the US Economy with $280B in direct spending, 1.78M jobs, $115B contribution to GDP, $28B in federal, state and local tax revenue and $66.8B in labor income?

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600,000 Reasons for Free Wi-Fi

Last October, Marriott agreed to pay $600,000 in a settlement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over allegations that its Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center in Nashville had blocked personal Wi-Fi hotspots from guests and accordingly, had forced them to use the hotel chain’s network … at a price!

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