The Secret to Growing Your Meetings and Events Business

Event Business Formula - Grow Your Event Business

You are passionate about planning and organizing meetings and events.

You are very good at putting together the logistics.

You don’t mind the unexpected, the stress, actually you kind of thrive on it.

So, you decided to start your own business and serve one of several clients to start with.

Congratulations and welcome to the Entrepreneurial World.

By now, you should have also discovered that there is a ton of things you weren’t told about and have to deal with.

You might also feel that you are working harder than ever before but you don’t seem to get more clients or grow your business significantly, somewhere between the hamster wheel and the dog biting its own tail.

I know exactly what it feels. I have been there.

Almost overnight, I decided to start my own company. I moved the dining table to the wall, put my computer and printer on it and start writing my business plan.

I started reaching out to the people I knew, my first circle, and a few weeks later I was lucky enough to land my two first clients: Johnson & Johnson and Café de Colombia – Juan Valdez.

The first two years, I worked days and nights, weekends, holidays time. Visiting prospects and running projects in the day, writing offers and operation sheets at night.

I was probably the smallest business user of Citrix in Belgium and was glad I could work from anywhere.

I traveled extensively, organizing meetings and events all over the world, attending Industry Trade Shows and Familiarization Trips, developing my global network of local partners.

In the next twenty years, I would enjoy the worst and the best: from business partner betrayal to the greatest partnership, from almost losing my company to the greatest achievements, from three months of visibility to financial success, from having to fire people to working with the most amazing team members, etc.

I was working very hard in my business and not much on my business.

There are so many things I didn’t know and had to learn the hard way.

In 2013, I moved to the US with my family.

I wrote “Meeting at C-Level”, a bestselling book which details the successful methodology to align face-to-face meetings with an organization’s strategy.

I wasn’t really planning on doing anything more with the book but several people recommended to me that I should.

I started to research about online content, online marketing and online course, joined several Masterminds, created my own and found out that there is a way to share my experience and networks while helping others which is what I’m passionate about.

Two years later, many discussions, training (developing a Masterclass to help Event Business Owners Grow), coaching, content development and running a Mastermind for high-achieving Independent Meeting Planners & Event Business Owners, here we are.

And I’m ready to help.

So, this coming week, I’m delivering 3 FREE Workshops entirely focused on Growing Your Meetings and Events Business.

  • It is not about planning a meeting better or negotiating with hotels.
  • It is about having your own independent business (whether you are a one-person shop or a thirty person company).
  • It is about helping you define what is the next level for Your Meetings & Events Business.
  • It is about helping you get there.

So, if this resonates with you or with someone you know, I invite you to join the FREE Workshop next week where I will share with you Three Secrets to Grow Your Meetings & Events Business.

You shouldn’t be alone to do it.

I know, I’ve been there.

Join me…

Event Business Formula - Grow Your Event Business

Eric Rozenberg