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To build a successful event business, you must be an artist who can play several instruments and smile at the camera all at the same time.

The Event Business Formula™ is designed to help you clearly address 3 major success arenas:


If you’re “alone at the top” putting out fires and saving the day, then it’s time to share your leadership challenges with experts and peers. The Event Business Formula will help you and your organization solve problems by ’brainstorming with other professionals who face the same challenges and collaborating one to one with top innovators and experts.


You’re stellar at putting out fires and creating on the spot solutions. It’s part of your DNA, the very thing clients and colleagues have always praised you for doing, but it’s exhausting and not enough for you anymore! It’s time to stop the insanity and develop new strategies and processes that will move you and your organization to a more fulfilling and profitable position.


Ever wish you had more time to think, learn and grow? Do you spend countless hours doing business – not building business? Have you’ve heard about the powerful methodologies like Blue Ocean Strategy or Business Model Canvas? We’ll bring you up to speed on these and more, helping you transform your approach, making life easier and more rewarding for you, your clients and your team.


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Through a combination of online training programs, private coaching, and in-person masterminds, we help entrepreneurs in the meetings and events industry grow and scale their business.


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