The MasterClass in Event Business Management

Dear Fellow Events Business Owner,

Are you overwhelmed?
Do you feel alone?
We're here to change that - for good. 

The MasterClass in Event Business Management

Unlock the full potential of your event planning business with the Event Business Formula Masterclass.
This isn't just another course—it's a complete transformation of the way you see, run, and grow your event business.

I’m Eric Rozenberg, and I’ve planned over 736 events in 50 countries. I will guide you to run your business more effectively, so you can focus on the parts you enjoy, make more money, and have more time for the people you love.

An Entrepreneur's Journey: When Your Dreams Met Cold Reality

Does this sound familiar?

You started your event planning business with a vision. You've felt the rush of seeing your concepts come to life, the smiles on the faces of guests lost in the magic you created. Yet, as the curtains close on each event, a familiar set of challenges begins to dim the lights on that initial dream.

You have a great client project, and you’re working on executing it. You know no one else can do it as well as you can! But as the engagement draws near, it hits you. “Oh my gosh–this project is almost over, and I have to find new clients”. And so the scramble begins. You’re in the weeds, answering emails and making calls. If you stop, the balls drop. Rather than finding someone to help you do what you do best, you work harder and harder. You feel alone, you feel overwhelmed. And it all depends on you!

Here you are, the mastermind behind countless gatherings. You’ve got a staff you love, but it doesn’t feel like everyone’s rowing in the same direction. Your company, though flourishing in its own right, hasn't quite broken through. You’re getting questions left and right. And you’ve got a few of your own: "What's next? How can I scale up without losing my mind? I can barely keep it together with my current schedule!”

Your days are a blend of vendor negotiations, client meetings, and an ever-growing to-do list that seems to mock the limits of a 24-hour day. The uncertainty of 'feast or famine' lingers. It's in these moments of doubt, with a calendar that's either packed or painfully sparse, that the question surfaces: "Is this as big as my business will ever get?"

A Glimpse Into What Could Be

Now, let's imagine a different scene. You wake up to the morning light gently coaxing you out of sleep—not the jarring alarm that used to signal the start of a frantic day. There's a rhythm to your routine now, a calm cadence shaped by newfound confidence and clarity.

You sip your coffee and review a streamlined schedule that's no longer a source of stress but a well-organized roadmap for your day. The inquiries in your inbox are from clients who know your worth, ready to engage with your expertise without haggling over every penny. You have systems from Event Business Formula in place that turn the chaos of running your business into a process that's as smooth as the events you orchestrate. Everyone, from your 1099 vendors to your W2 employees, is working together as a true team.

Your business has grown, not just in numbers but in reputation. Clients come to you through referrals, drawn by the stories of events that were not just hosted but heartily experienced. You've learned to delegate, to trust in a team that you've built using strategies that prioritize both skill and fit.

And as you look ahead, there's a roadmap to growth that doesn't sacrifice your passion on the altar of profit. Eric's course has shown you how to navigate the tightrope of expansion, teaching you not just how to dream bigger, but how to make those dreams a tangible reality. The Event Business Formula has become your blueprint for success—a success that's measured not just by revenue, but by the balance and fulfillment you feel.

Why Now Is The Time To Act

The event industry is evolving, and so should your approach. With the Event Business Formula, you'll leap ahead of the competition, mastering the art of strategic planning, sales, marketing, and financial management. Hesitation can be the difference between mediocrity and greatness. Choose greatness.

What's Inside the Masterclass?

  • Session Breakdowns with Bullet Points: Each session includes Eric's proven strategies—distilled insights from 20+ years of experience.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: From Q&A sessions to mastermind groups, you get direct access to Eric's expertise.
  • Engagement and Community: This isn’t another association community–we won’t teach you how to negotiate with hotels or design a meeting. Instead, you’ll learn to GROW and RUN your event business in a private community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Week-by-Week Course Breakdown

These modules are designed for you to take action. So, you will get DIRECT ONE-ON-ONE ACCESS to Eric throughout the three months to help you implement this for your own business!

Each session is infused with real-life examples, practical tools, and direct language that speaks to the heart of an event planner's daily experience. This masterclass is not just about learning; it's about transforming the way you work, lead, and succeed.

Pillar 1: Foundations

  • Session 1: 10 Years Vision - Craft a 10-year vision for your life and business, setting the stage for a future of success.
  • Session 2: Mission, Values, Mindset - Dive deep into your mission, values, and mindset, ensuring your business aligns with what truly matters. Learn to focus on what you do best and surround yourselves with the right people.
  • Session 3: Building Your Business Model - Construct a robust business model using cutting-edge frameworks.
  • Session 4: Integration Session - You will share your vision, missions, values, and mindset. We’ll do a deep dive into your 10-year vision so you will walk away with confidence in your plan.

Pillar 2: Customers

  • Session 5: Positioning, Marketing, and Networking - How do you approach an event? How do you reach out to people on LinkedIn? What do you want people to say about you and your company? In this session, you will master the art of positioning, networking, and creating content that attracts and engages your ideal clients.
  • Session 6: Sales Effectiveness - You’ll fine-tune your pitches, overcome objections, and build a process. We’ll teach you how to read the numbers for YOUR business–if you have X phone calls, that means Y appointments, Z offers, and M confirmations. You’ll cut through the clutter and know exactly what you need to do to grow.
  • Session 7: Critical Numbers and Dashboard - What numbers should you be monitoring every week to assure growth? What numbers do you ask your accounting firm to provide you with? Identify critical numbers and develop a dashboard to monitor and assure your business's growth.
  • Session 8: Integration Session - Present your pitch, your dashboard/scorecard, and your roadmap to sell–which you can then teach others. You’ll end this session with the tools to make your business run without you needing to be there every day. This means you can take a vacation–and even be able to sell your business, since it won’t rely entirely on you!

Pillar 3: Growth

  • Session 9: Time Management, Delegation, Mental Health - Optimize time management, embrace delegation, and safeguard your mental health to fuel sustainable growth.
  • Session 10: The Dream Team - How do you hire? How do you train people who will take you further than you could? Discover how to build and nurture a high-performing team that aligns with your business vision and create an amazing culture based on your values.
  • Session 11: Results and Accountability - Set a clear plan for the future, establishing a weekly meeting rhythm and robust accountability mechanisms for you and your team.
  • Session 12: Integration Session - Bring it all together with a concrete action plan for the year, ensuring you're on track to achieve your vision.

What You'll Gain:

  • A transformative understanding of how to lead and grow your event business.
  • Personalized coaching and a treasure trove of resources, including interactive tools, negotiation scripts, and email templates.
  • Practical insights and strategies you can immediately apply to your business.
  • A supportive community of like-minded professionals to share resources and encouragement.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're so confident in the transformative power of the Event Business Formula MasterClass that we offer an unparalleled 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel fully equipped to revolutionize your business after the first month, contact us for a no-questions-asked refund.

You literally CANNOT LOSE. If this doesn’t work after the first month,  I personally INSIST you get a refund–and you’ll get to keep all the resources from month one.

Unparalleled Value

I want our next cohort to have unparalleled value, so for the first round, I am offering the full advanced class for the price of the basic class.

This class offers:

  • Full access to the Event Business Formula core modules
  • Participation in our dynamic private community

PLUS the Advanced tier private coaching:

  • 90-day direct access to me to answer all your questions as you implement this material

Limited Time Offer: Enroll now and get an exclusive invite to an in-person group strategy session with Eric Rozenberg himself–a half-day MasterMind that will turbocharge your personal growth. It’s like rocket fuel: we’ll get you to a place where your business is sane, calm, and manageable.

Client Testimonials:


I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for many years with Eric in a variety of shared roles in business, on boards and advisory councils. Through this collaboration, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge about the global events industry and business in general. Strategy without execution and accountability is a waste of time. Effective plans can’t reside in a computer file they must be revisited, reviewed, and reimagined as a living, adaptable roadmap to success. Working closely with you, Eric guides big-picture business strategy tailored specifically to your individual goals, objectives and business operating environment. He has a gift for making complicated theories accessible and understandable. Where he really shines is in connecting theory to practice – and that’s where “rubber meets the road.”

Michael Owen EventGenuity


Working with Eric is a privilege that elevates my mastermind sessions to master authority experiences. In our sessions, Eric provides thought-provoking questions, applied business challenges, and statistics to back up his recommendations. He supports your business growth with entrepreneurial intellect, global perspective, and innovative insights. Eric leaves you feeling empowered to execute the work you need to complete and supports you with follow up that pushes you to your highest potential.

Holly Duckworth


Eric has quickly elevated our sales and marketing team’s approach to understand the needs of the customer and effectively implement the changes through a strategic and collaborative approach. He goes above and beyond the scope of work to ensure your success. His thought leadership and professional connections have allowed me to truly adopt a greater vision and implement the next steps needed to effectively support the growth we have experienced.

Kelly Cavers Senior VP Group Sales at Discover The Palm Beaches

Your Investment Is Protected

We're so confident in the transformative power of the Event Business Formula that we offer an unparalleled 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't feel fully equipped to revolutionize your business after the first month of the course, contact us for a no-questions-asked refund. We’ll deactivate your subscription and refund your money–we’ll even eat the processing fees. You even get to keep the bonuses as our gift to you!

The Time to Elevate Your Business Is Now

The Event Business Formula is your gateway to a new level of success. There are just 10 spots in this exclusive Masterclass, so the time to act is now. Will you take the step towards a brighter future for your event business?

Still Deciding?

I’m not going to claim I’m the only game in town. There are several alternatives you can take. I want you to pick the one that’s right for you:

You could take an MBA program. It’s a great education, and many have done it successfully. A top-ranked MBA program could cost $80,000 to $240,000 and take up to two years–can your events business afford to wait this long?

Then there’s general business coaching. There are a lot of great coaches out there–but a lot of terrible ones too. Are you confident you’ll pick the right one? I’ve started, grown, and exited events businesses, so I’ve been where you are today.

Finally, you could figure this out alone. Trial, error, and free resources make this possible, if daunting. But let me ask you a question. Wouldn’t you rather have someone guide you along this path–so that you can learn from my mistakes instead of making them all yourself?

Running an events business is stressful. I have built the Event Business Formula MasterClass to be the most comprehensive, targeted, and supportive path to success in the event industry.

“How much is your sanity worth? When you think about it that way, it’s a no-brainer.”-Brian Melton, Event Business Formula graduate, Senior Vice President,

What Will Your Life Be Like One Year From Now?Your window of opportunity is closing.

One year from now, you’ll be one year older–will your business be any different?It’s time to make a change. The Masterclass is the key to unlocking a future where you're not just running a lucrative event business—you also have peace, sanity, and plenty of time for the people who matter most to you.

See you on the other side.

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