Why Bill McDermott’s article on today is a historic moment?

Yesterday across North America, over sixty events celebrated the first North American Meetings Industry Day. Started in Canada over ten years ago, the purpose is to have our Industry more recognized across the country and our communities … so that people stop asking “But what is it that you do exactly?”

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And so you believe you have been on an incentive trip?

You just came back from a beautiful island where you stayed at a five-star property. You had a nice welcome cocktail by the pool and a farewell dinner on the beach. You are a top-performer for your company … and seriously, you have just experienced a very nice reward trip! Nothing more and nothing less. Your company may have invested a lot of money but is it really leveraging the emotional lasting impact a unique experience can create?

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The first book on the “Why?” of a meeting

A little less than ten years ago, back in Brussels, my business partner Georges Yana and I developed a simple, yet very effective, methodology with the objective of helping organizations to align their face-to-face meetings with their strategy.

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Customer Advisory Boards are not a perk!

A Customer Advisory Board is a valuable investment for DMO’s and their customers.
For DMO’s, it’s one of the most essential strategic tools they can leverage … as long as they create an open environment that encourages candid feedback and don’t see it as another opportunity to sell the destination.

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Meetings mean business, so much business!

Which Industry directly contributes to the US Economy with $280B in direct spending, 1.78M jobs, $115B contribution to GDP, $28B in federal, state and local tax revenue and $66.8B in labor income?

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600,000 Reasons for Free Wi-Fi

Last October, Marriott agreed to pay $600,000 in a settlement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over allegations that its Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center in Nashville had blocked personal Wi-Fi hotspots from guests and accordingly, had forced them to use the hotel chain’s network … at a price!

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