182: The Meeting Show is Coming to Asia with David Blansfield

The Business of Meetings – Episode 182 – The Meeting Show is Coming to Asia with David Blansfield

We are delighted to introduce David Blansfield today! He is a prominent figure who has been instrumental in molding the events and meetings industry!

David is the Executive Vice President and Group Publisher for Northstar Meetings Group. He joins us to share how he got to where he is today, discuss the launch of The Meeting Show in Singapore, and offer his perspective on the transformative impact AI is poised to have on the industry.

David brings a wealth of knowledge to today’s discussion! His expertise shines as he takes us through the dynamic world of event management and navigates the ever-evolving landscape of trends that shape the meetings industry.


David manages Northstar Travel Group’s meetings brands and events businesses. The Northstar Meetings Group – comprised of brands such as Meetings & Conventions (M&C), Successful Meetings, Meeting News, Incentive, SportsTravel, M&IT, AMI, and M&C Asia, as well as 30 MICE industry events – is the leading source of research, analysis, media, and marketing services to event organizers and hospitality service providers in the US and worldwide.

David’s story

David’s early ambition was to become a foreign correspondent for prestigious newspapers. Unfortunately, that had to shift due to economic constraints, so he found a job teaching English in Tokyo and engaged in journalism on the side. That experience broadened his global perspective and deepened his appreciation for cultural differences. After returning to the United States, he transitioned to media entrepreneurship, founding and selling financial magazines. That led to his current role, overseeing the meetings side of things at North Star Travel Group. Positioned to assist event organizers and MICE professionals worldwide, David’s expertise bridges the gap between buyers and sellers, facilitating impactful connections within the travel industry.

The Significance of Face-to-Face Interactions in a Global Context

The pandemic has reinforced the significance of face-to-face interactions, leading to a robust recovery worldwide. This trend, evident in the empirical data and research, highlights the enduring importance of personal connections, especially in international business dealings. Despite technological predictions, the value of in-person experiences remains unparalleled. The demand for face-to-face interactions has surged, contradicting expectations of technology replacing such engagements. That becomes particularly pronounced when navigating diverse cultures and customs.

AI and Changing Industry Dynamics

AI has catalyzed significant changes across various facets of business operations, from automating administrative tasks to revolutionizing customer engagement strategies. David explains that AI tools streamline operational efficiency while freeing up valuable time for businesses to focus on strategic thinking and fostering meaningful client connections.

The Role of AI in Event Enhancement

David sheds light on the transformative role that AI has played in enhancing event experiences by sharing a fascinating example from Marina Bay Sands, where they use AI-driven technology to gauge audience engagement in real-time. That provides presenters with tools to tailor their delivery and maintain a captivating presence. The dynamic interaction between technology and human engagement exemplifies the potential of AI in redefining event engagement for both presenters and attendees.

The Role of AI in Talent Acquisition and Understanding Clients

With a shift towards a gig economy and an increasing reliance on third-party talent, AI can serve as a formidable ally in augmenting business operations. Automating routine tasks allows business owners to have time to focus their energy on strategic initiatives and meaningful interactions with clients and teams. David emphasizes the integral role of AI in fostering deeper client understanding. Through data-driven insights, AI allows businesses to create highly personalized experiences that cater to individual preferences and needs.

A Positive Industry Outlook and Key Trends

Backed by research findings, David emphasizes the optimistic outlook marked by substantial budget growth and plans for expansion. A notable trend he highlights is the growing prevalence of remote work and its impact on the significance of face-to-face events. Sustainability and climate change are also key concerns on the industry’s radar, with a collective push towards more environmentally responsible practices and solutions.

Lessons from Hawaii and Travelers’ Perceptions

Drawing from recent events in Hawaii, David illustrates the critical importance of considering geographical contexts and nuanced perceptions within the industry. He recounts an intriguing scenario where travelers’ perceptions were influenced by an outbreak in a different location, highlighting the necessity of balanced information. With that, he urges industry professionals to conduct thorough research and offer unwavering support to destinations navigating challenges, ultimately fostering well-rounded perspectives.

Core Themes from the Insights of an Industry Expert

The core themes that emerged from David’s insights in today’s conversation were the transformative power of AI, the promise of elevated event experiences, the evolving gig economy, and the ongoing commitment the industry has demonstrated to sustainability.

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