January 16, 2024

The Business of Meetings – Episode 201 – A.I. Revolution: What Does it Mean for You? with George Bandarian

We are thrilled to engage in a conversation with George Bandarian today.

George is an AI expert, a well-informed and seasoned Venture Capitalist, and a member of various communities focused on the future of entrepreneurship. He has owned several companies and now assists people in implementing AI.

Get ready to be amazed as we explore the remarkable possibilities AI holds!

George’s Journey

George’s journey began in Los Angeles, where he pursued his education. During the dot-com era, he read The Age of Spiritual Machines, written by Ray Kurzweil, which sparked his interest in the potential of intelligent machines and their impact on people’s lives. His curiosity led him to establish a company specializing in document management and workflow automation, leveraging AI, computer vision, and OCR to streamline processes. After successfully selling that company, George redirected his focus to venture capitalism, with a particular interest in emerging technologies like AI. His shift culminated in the launch of his venture fund, Untapped Ventures, dedicated to supporting early-stage AI startups with a positive impact on humanity.

Post-Exit Identity Crisis: Navigating the Enlightenment Journey

After selling their businesses, many entrepreneurs face a shift in their identity and purpose, which often triggers a range of behaviors, from rushing into new ventures to grappling with a sense of purposelessness or even depression. George refers to his post-exit phase as a post-exit identity crisis. He dealt with it by taking time off for self-reflection, exploring different areas, and seeking clarity on his life’s purpose. His journey involved deep introspection, reading purpose-focused books, and attending transformative events. He ultimately attained a clear vision for his Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) in the form of Untapped Ventures.

Navigating Venture Capital with Purpose

After selling his company, George redirected his focus to venture capitalism and established Untapped Ventures. As a venture fund, Untapped Ventures invests in early-stage AI startups with a positive impact on humanity.

George’s Massively Transformative Purpose

George’s MTP focuses on helping a billion people achieve breakthroughs and live their best lives. He is committed to supporting emerging technologies, particularly those in AI. Untapped Ventures demonstrates his dedication to combining self-development principles with impactful investing.

Navigating ChatGPT

George offers practical advice for people new to ChatGPT. He encourages users to engage with custom GPTs to streamline their business processes, enhance communication, and create unique solutions tailored to their needs.

Multimodal AI and the Future of Meetings and Events

George anticipates AI evolving into multimodal capabilities. He envisions it being used at events for space design, generating event ideas, and even predicting attendees’ needs. As it advances, he envisions a future where AI can understand and respond to different inputs, revolutionizing how meetings and events are planned and executed.

AI as a Powerful Tool

AI may well be a powerful tool in human evolution, akin to fire and wheels in the past. However, George acknowledges that AI can also be used for negative purposes. He encourages a proactive approach, urging businesses to make AI a strategic priority for the next 25 years and beyond.

The Impact of AI on Business Differentiation

Business owners can use AI to differentiate themselves. The idea is to move beyond logistics and position yourself as a strategic partner to your customers, using AI to provide valuable advice and insights.

Ethical Concerns and Regulation

George highlights the need for safeguards, regulation, and ethical considerations in AI development due to the ethical concerns surrounding it. He explains that AI could potentially get misused in sensitive situations. That is why it is essential to only invest in AI initiatives that positively impact society.

Philosophical Concerns and Fear of AI

Philosophical concerns have come up regarding the potential of AI surpassing human intelligence. There are also fears related to AI making critical decisions and the responsibility of regulating and controlling AI development to avoid unintended consequences. George explains that slow and careful advancement will help to ensure ethical and safe AI applications.

Understanding AGI, ASI, and the Singularity

George explains terms like Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), and the Singularity. He describes AGI as AI reaching a level of intelligence similar to humans, while ASI signifies surpassing human intelligence. He explains the Singularity as a scenario where AI becomes so advanced that it will overtake the collective intelligence of humanity, leading to potential benefits and concerns.

Untapped Ventures

Untapped Ventures is a venture capital fund specializing in early-stage AI startups. It focuses on investing in companies that positively impact humanity through AI. George invites potential investors to join the fund and become part of a community that discusses AI deal flow and uses AI for positive impact and financial returns.


George Bandarian II is the Founding Partner of Untapped Ventures, an Early-Stage Venture Fund focused on AI that Uplifts Humanity and his team helped early-stage founders, particularly in the AI space, scale their businesses through CEO Masterminds, advisor-led 1-on-1 Coaching, and FundrA.I.sing Sprints.

He is also a speaker and frequent guest on industry podcasts. He shares his experience as a presenter at tech and startup events, incubators, and accelerators.

Services Provided

  • Startup Founder Coach at Untapped
  • 1-on-1 Coaching & Business Consulting for Exponential Entrepreneurs
  • Keynote Speaker
  • A.I. Consulting for Business Owners

Where You’ve Seen George

Business Insider Magazine

Inc. Magazine

Speaking to many audiences, including EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization)

Appeared on Multiple podcasts, including Entrepreneur on Fire, Built to Sell, Business Owner Success Formula, Exit Coach Radio, Business Owners Freedom

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