206: Eventful Balance: Mastering Wellness in the World of Meetings and Events with David T. Stevens

The Business of Meetings – Episode 206 – Eventful Balance: Mastering Wellness in the World of Meetings and Events with David T. Stevens 

I am thrilled to have David T. Stevens joining me today!

David holds many different certifications and has ranked on the leaderboard of CrossFit for EventProf for many years.

In our conversation today, he explains how to improve your health in meetings, when engaging in projects, or completing daily tasks. He also highlights the physical and mental demands of event management, exploring the importance of personal wellness routines and making a gradual shift toward a healthier lifestyle.

David’s Journey into Wellness Meetings

David’s journey into wellness and meetings began in Silicon Valley. After transitioning through various roles, including working with the XFL and MTV Spring Break, he eventually found his passion for events and wellness. Despite initially taking a pay cut to work in events, David felt fulfilled and pursued opportunities in corporate events while prioritizing his fitness journey.

Transition to Wellness and Fitness

David transitioned to wellness and fitness after several personal experiences that prompted him to focus on self-improvement. After moving back to California, he became a spin instructor while continuing his career in corporate events. His journey eventually led him to co-found Olympian Meetings.

Olympian Meetings

Olympian Meetings was founded in 2021 and evolved to encompass a broader wellness spectrum, including mindfulness, movement, meals, and meaning.

Fittest Event Professional and CrossFit

David’s involvement in CrossFit led him to become recognized as the fittest male event professional for five years. He highlights the importance of prioritizing wellness within the event industry, especially considering the demanding nature of event schedules. His advocacy extends to encouraging event professionals to prioritize self-care and make conscious choices for their well-being.

Health in Event Management

David understands that even though event management is not quite the same as contact sports like XFL, requiring physical exertion, it is still essential for all involved to be present, alert, and actively contributing.

Personal Preparation

David highlights the importance of starting each day with a workout to enhance mental clarity and on-site efficacy. He recommends that event planners integrate exercise into their event schedules and allocate time for preparation and grooming.

Strategic Menu Planning

David highlights the importance of strategically planned menus for events. He suggests options that cater to health-conscious attendees and those with dietary restrictions.

Incremental Changes

David advocates for making incremental changes toward healthier habits rather than pursuing perfection. He suggests incorporating shorter workouts and gradually refining event menus to offer healthier alternatives.

David’s Wellness Goals

David’s wellness objectives focus on achieving peak physical fitness. They include lifting 405 pounds in a deadlift, mastering a 315-pound back squat, accomplishing a 225-pound clean and jerk, and completing a mile run in six minutes. His aspirations also extend to maintaining a positive attitude and avoiding negative behaviors.


David Stevens is a 20-year veteran planner and 5x Fittest Male #EventProf, an honor achieved by topping the occupational leaderboard of the annual CrossFit Games Open. He has planned meetings, events, and incentives for media, live entertainment, agency, associations, and corporate organizations. Stevens has a Delos Wellness for Meetings and Event Certificate, he is Pandemic Meeting Event Design certified, and he has been recognized by several industry organizations for his contributions to improving wellness in the sector. He credits his ability to create memorable experiences for event attendees to the clarity he gleans from workouts and mental breaks. He is the co-founder of event-wellness consulting firm Olympian Meeting — where he co-authored, along with a medical doctor and nutrition coach, a white paper on the increased ROI that can result from incorporating wellness elements into a meeting. Stevens also hosts a web series called Return on Wellness. Find him on LinkedIn @davidTstevens

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