209: Navigating Solitude: Five Strategies for Entrepreneurs with Eric Rozenberg

The Business of Meetings – Episode 209 – Navigating Solitude: Five Strategies for Entrepreneurs with Eric Rozenberg 

Have you ever had to make an important business decision and felt very alone?

Owning and running a business is exciting. However, many entrepreneurs feel cut off and lonely- especially when facing challenging situations.

Today, I share five actionable ideas you can apply immediately to reduce your isolation and gain all the support you need to grow and manage your business.

Stay tuned for my ideas and recommendations for overcoming the solitude of entrepreneurship.

Building Your Advisory Board

One effective way to combat the solitude of entrepreneurship is to establish an advisory board. Drawing from my experience in leading organizations, I understand the value of surrounding yourself with trusted individuals who offer diverse perspectives and professional expertise. Your advisory board will be a valuable resource for guidance, allowing you to make informed decisions and feel supported while navigating all your business challenges.

Engaging with Professional Organizations

Actively involving yourself in professional organizations like MPI (Meeting Professionals International) will allow you learning and networking opportunities and help you grow as an individual. By volunteering for these communities, you can gain helpful insights, forge lasting connections, and contribute to the advancement of your industry.

I have experienced the benefits of participating in professional organizations to combat my feelings of isolation and enhance my professional development.

Prioritizing Mental Health and Serendipitous Connections

I truly understand the importance of mental health. So, I encourage you, my fellow entrepreneurs, to liberate yourselves from the limitations of your workspaces and welcome any unexpected encounters. Participating in physical activities, connecting with others socially, and attending conferences create an environment conducive to creativity and personal development.

Broadening your experiences and embracing new ideas will help you combat your feelings of solitude and become more creative in all your future endeavors.

Leveraging Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups offer platforms for entrepreneurs to collaborate, share their experiences, and seek advice from their peers. When you join mastermind groups, participate in their discussions, and support your fellow members, you can tap into a wealth of collective knowledge and resources.

I firmly believe in the importance of actively participating in mastermind groups to help one another grow and provide support when tackling the challenges we often face as entrepreneurs.

Seeking Guidance from Coaches and Mentors

I encourage all entrepreneurs to seek guidance from coaches, advisors, or mentors with relevant expertise and experience. By leveraging their insights and gaining accountability from these mentors, you can accelerate your development, personally and professionally.

It is essential to learn from those who have succeeded and recognize the invaluable guidance mentors can offer for navigating the entrepreneurial journey.


My five strategies for combating the solitude of entrepreneurship- surrounding yourself with supportive networks, engaging with professional communities, prioritizing your mental well-being, participating in collaborative groups, and seeking guidance from experienced mentors, have helped me to overcome many business challenges, grow personally, and thrive in my entrepreneurial pursuits. I have no doubt they will also work wonders for you!

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