May 28, 2024

The Business of Meetings – Episode 220 – AI-Powered Event Mastery: Shlomi Ashkenazi’s Tools and Strategies for the Meetings & Events Industry

We are delighted to have Shlomi Ashkenazi joining us today to dive into the risks and ethical considerations surrounding AI.

Shlomi is the CEO of BookingMaster and is also involved with EventMagix and Emakin. In 2022, Congress Magazine awarded him The Most Influential Meeting Innovator of the Year, and in 2023, he received an Eventex award for being one of the 50 most influential event technology professionals.

Shlomi is incredible when it comes to AI-generated content. If you watch this episode on YouTube, you will see some of the mindblowing things he can do.

Join us to learn more about the fascinating work Shlomi has been doing with AI.

Career Journey

Shlomi began his career 28 years ago as a junior salesperson at a travel wholesaler and remained with the company for 11 years before moving to a new role. He then got recruited into the Kennis Group as their VP of Procurement, which marked the beginning of a significant phase in his career. He had influential mentors and eventually became a partner in Connect. His experience at Kenes Group helped him realize he wanted to focus on engagement rather than the logistical aspects of events.

First Congress App

In 2006, Shlomi created the first Congress app, a native application with Q&A capabilities, voting, and e-posters, with the support of his partner, Dan. That innovation allowed him to explore new ways to enhance event engagement.

Transition to EventMagix

In 2015, Shlomi left Kennis Group and joined EventMagix. Over the last nine years, he worked on significant projects like the World Energy Congress. When the pandemic hit, he adapted by creating VirtualMagix, which hosted 500 virtual events in two years, serving up to 15,000 delegates.

Embracing AI

In 2022, his interest in AI grew, particularly with the advent of generative AI. He saw the potential for AI to revolutionize the event industry by simplifying tasks and improving efficiency.

Business Insights

Shlomi emphasizes two main points for business owners- the importance of adapting to challenges and the value of continuous learning. He shares his experience of pivoting during the pandemic and explains how he adopted the mindset of believing his journey is always starting anew.

Generative AI Overview

Generative AI entered the mainstream in 2022 with tools like OpenAI ChatGPT. Those tools allow users to interact with AI and perform tasks like writing emails and preparing proposals. Shlomi regards AI as a transformative assistant for the event industry.

Prompts and LLMs

To effectively use AI, one must understand the prompts that guide AI on what to do, how to do it, and who to be. Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Perplexity, and are crucial tools, each serving a different purpose.

Customization in AI Tools

Customizing AI tools is essential. ChatGPT, for example, allows users to customize responses based on their needs and preferences. That ensures the AI provides relevant and accurate information tailored to the user’s requirements.

AI in Event Planning

AI tools can assist in event planning by automating tasks like creating business plans, marketing strategies, and RFPs. With proper customization, these tools can save significant time and effort, allowing event professionals to focus on creating unique experiences.

Data Privacy

It is essential to manage data privacy when using AI tools. Paid versions of tools like ChatGPT offer features to prevent data from being used for machine learning, ensuring sensitive information remains secure.

Introduction by Morgan Freeman

Shlomi shares a voiceover of Morgan Freeman presenting the podcast introduction to demonstrate how to use AI for event planning.

Shlomi on Privacy and Regulations

Shlomi highlights the importance of being mindful when sharing personal information online. He explains the role of regulations like GDPR in protecting privacy and emphasizes the need for governments to set boundaries for AI usage to safeguard personal data.

An Advanced AI Capabilities Demonstration

Shlomi demonstrates the advanced capabilities of AI by making the Mona Lisa rap, showcasing a new Microsoft tool that animates photos with audio. He explains that the tool allows for the manipulation of images to create realistic movements and sounds.

Introduction to Booking Master

Shlomi introduces his latest startup, BookingMaster, an AI-driven tool that helps event organizers provide accommodation options near event venues. He explains how it works, its benefits, and its free-of-charge service model that shares profits with organizers.

Bio: Shlomi Ashkenazi


A seasoned leader in the hospitality, meetings, events, and association industry, aiming to harness over two decades of strategic sales management, business development, and operational expertise to fuel growth and achieve operational excellence.

Professional Experience

BookingMaster, Co-Founder & CEO

February 2023 – Present

Pioneered a SaaS accommodation solution at BookingMaster, revolutionizing event logistics by offering diverse lodging options, thereby enhancing attendee satisfaction, and introducing a new revenue stream for organizers through seamless platform integration.

EventMagix, Board Member

August 2015 – Present

Guiding the strategic direction and operational execution with a focus on pioneering event solutions to elevate user experiences. As a board member, played a critical role in strategic decision-making and fostering company growth.

Emakin, Board Member

2020 – Present

Directing the strategic growth of Emakin’s Business Process Management (BPM) product, applying expertise in strategic planning and business development to ensure innovative, market-responsive BPM solutions.

Shlomi Ashkenazi Consulting Services, Founder

January 2016 – Present

Providing executive-level consulting in congress planning, procurement, project management, and software, delivering tailored strategies to enhance operational outcomes.

Simul Interactive, Co-Founder & CEO

March 2020 – August 2022, Central, Israel

Launched interactive event solutions, enhancing networking and user interaction through a holistic approach encompassing software, hardware, and network solutions.

eKonnect, Kenes Group Company, CEO

March 2012 – February 2015

Steered eKonnect in developing advanced digital and interactive solutions, significantly enriching networking and knowledge sharing at events and conferences organized by Kenes International. 

Kenes Group, Various Roles

July 2006 – March 2012

Held multiple directorial roles, significantly enhancing operational excellence and strategic procurement, establishing a network of global partnerships, and reinforcing Kenes Group’s leadership in professional congress organization and association management.

Natour Travel Agents Association for Organized Tours LTD.

January 1996- July 2006

Played a pivotal role at Natour, a leading B2B wholesaler in Israel, by developing the first online B2B FIT booking engine for travel agents and managing FIT hotel product procurement, thus strengthening Natour’s dominance in the travel industry.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Executive BA, Ruppin Academic Center, 2005 – 2008


  • Leadership & Team Management
  • Strategic Sales Planning & Execution
  • Business Development & Growth
  • Event Management & Operations
  • Multilingual Communication (English, Hebrew, Turkish)
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Negotiation & Public Speaking


  • English (Full Professional Proficiency)
  • Hebrew (Native or Bilingual Proficiency)
  • Turkish (Native or Bilingual Proficiency)

Honors & Awards

  • The Most Influential Meeting Innovator of 2022, Kongres Magazine
  • One of the 50 Most Influential Event Technology Professionals, Eventex 2023

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Book Mentioned:

Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday


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