June 11, 2024

The Business of Meetings – Episode 222 – Wellness Unleashed: Boosting Business and Building Resilience with Dr. Heather Denniston  

We are thrilled to have Dr. Heather Denniston, a trained chiropractor, executive coach, international wellness and resilience speaker, and the Founder of WellFit and Fed, joining us today.

In this episode, Heather explores the connection between personal well-being and business success, sharing valuable strategies for enhancing individual and organizational performance.

Stay tuned for Heather’s illuminating insights on achieving lasting personal and professional excellence.

Heather’s Career in Chiropractic

Heather had been a chiropractor for 25 years before she gave her practice to her two sisters. She cherishes her memories of the practice, which she found a fantastic experience.

Developing a Passion for Wellness

Heather’s passion for wellness and business success stemmed from the health problems she experienced during her early college years, which included being 70 pounds overweight and having four autoimmune disorders. At 21, she reached her wellness rock bottom. Realizing the need for change, she sought to understand the foundations of well-being. Watching her father battle brain cancer further reinforced her desire to know how to optimize health and enjoy life fully.

Defining True Wellness

Heather explains that true wellness is holistic, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. She defines true wellness as a blend of a balanced diet and regular exercise, emphasizing the importance of living by your values, maintaining healthy relationships, and feeling connected to something greater than yourself.

Challenges in Corporate Wellness

As an executive coach, Heather saw many corporate employees arrive at her practice burnt out and overwhelmed, which she believes was due to a disconnection between hard work and self-care. She explains that although she cannot change corporate environments, she can equip individuals with tools to manage stress better and improve their well-being, thus enhancing their professional success.

Implementing Personal Responsibility

Heather notes that while corporate support for wellness is beneficial, personal responsibility is crucial. She points out that high performers often lack self-compassion, which hinders their well-being. She suggests beginning with small shifts, like drinking more water or going to bed earlier, to build healthier habits over time.

Good Quality Sleep

Heather emphasizes the importance of sleep for weight management and overall health, explaining that good quality sleep allows the body to function optimally, aiding metabolism and stress reduction. She has observed how poor sleep leads to weight gain and other health issues, disrupting cortisol levels and the physical ability to heal and regenerate.

Sustaining Action

Persistence, flexibility, and having a positive mindset form the foundation for sustaining long-term action. To sustain action when pursuing wellness, set clear, achievable goals and maintain a consistent routine. Developing a sense of purpose and staying motivated by regularly reflecting on the reasons behind the action can help maintain momentum. Breaking tasks into smaller, manageable steps can prevent feeling overwhelmed. Seeking support from others, celebrating small victories, and being adaptable to change can also assist in keeping the drive alive.

Adapting to Life Stages

Heather explains that our responsibilities and priorities evolve as we move from adolescence to adulthood and older age. Navigating those transitions requires staying open to learning, seeking support when needed, and continually reassessing your personal goals to maintain balance and fulfillment throughout your life.

Wellness Trends in Business

Heather has observed both positive and negative trends in corporate wellness. During the COVID-19 pandemic, corporations became more aware of the health and well-being of their employees, investing in various support programs. However, post-pandemic, there is a tendency to believe that no more wellness issues exist, even though stress and mental health challenges persist. Successful wellness programs focus on mental health, emotional health, and individualized employee support. While corporations play a role in employee wellness, individuals must still take responsibility for their health.

Practical Wellness Strategies

Heather emphasizes the importance of spending time in nature, increasing protein intake, practicing self-compassion, and establishing a manageable morning routine. She suggests using the 555 method, which involves five minutes each of journaling, movement, and breath work. These simple yet consistent practices can significantly improve your overall well-being.

Bio: Dr Heather Denniston:

As a seasoned chiropractor with a specialized certification in Wellness Chiropractic (CCWP), Certified Personal Trainer, speaker, and author, Dr. Denniston brings decades of experience to the stage. She has presented at conferences and global companies such as Microsoft. She has been published in Medium, Paleo magazine, and Thrive Global and authored The Three Day Reset. Her signature program, The Wellness Amplifier Performance Program, helps catalyze optimal wellness and catapult employee’s productivity, effectiveness, and success.

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Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity by Peter Attia

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