April 9, 2024

The Business of Meetings – Episode 213 – Balancing Acts: Navigating Marriage, Entrepreneurship, and Mental Well-Being with Chantel Cohen

Today, we are delighted to welcome Chantel Cohen as our guest.

Chantel is the Founder and CEO of CWC Coaching & Therapy, where she provides coaching services and therapy for entrepreneurs. She is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs of color, women, business owners, and funding duos, helping them build the lives they have always dreamed of.

Several years ago, Chantel was named one of the top three marriage counselors in the metro Atlanta region. Join us to hear her inspiring story and learn from the insights she shares today.

Entrepreneurship and Relationship Dynamics

Chantel reflects on her work with driven professionals and fellow entrepreneurs and explains how she managed not only business challenges but also personal connections. She acknowledges hardships founders often face, like balancing their career commitments with their personal lives, handling marital or partner issues, resolving conflicts with co-founders, and understanding how entrepreneurship impacts relationships.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Chantel stresses the importance of initiating transparent communication early on, particularly expectations surrounding time allocation and financial pressures. By setting clear and realistic expectations from the outset, entrepreneurs can preemptively address potential sources of tension and work collaboratively to navigate challenges. Maintaining open communication channels throughout the entrepreneurial journey is also essential, as it fosters understanding, minimizes misunderstandings, and preserves the integrity of personal and professional relationships.

Delegation and Growth Strategies

Chantel acknowledges the inherent difficulty that many entrepreneurs face in relinquishing control, yet she champions the transformative power of trusting team members and strategically delegating tasks. Her approach to delegation involves a thoughtful evaluation of team members based on their capabilities and the stakes involved in each task. This strategic delegation facilitates business scalability and empowers team members to thrive in their roles, fostering a culture of growth and collaboration within the organization.

Balancing Business Demands with Personal Life

Challenging the common misconception that entrepreneurship inherently translates to increased personal freedom and leisure time, Chantel advocates for a pragmatic approach to building sustainable businesses that allow a harmonious work-life balance. Rather than fixating on lofty, often unattainable goals like achieving unicorn status, she encourages entrepreneurs to prioritize a holistic approach that nurtures their professional success and personal well-being.

Navigating Business Partnerships and Relationships

Drawing from her experience working alongside her husband in business, Chantel offers valuable insights into successfully navigating business partnerships, particularly those intertwined with personal relationships. She emphasizes the need to define roles clearly, establish boundaries, and maintain effective communication channels, personally and professionally. By delineating roles and responsibilities, entrepreneurs can mitigate potential conflicts and foster collaborative, supportive partnerships that drive mutual success.

Support Networks and Mental Health

Chantel stresses the importance of entrepreneurs building a supportive network of advisors, investors, and team members. She also explains the importance of prioritizing mental health, maintaining connections, and seeking support to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship effectively.

Bio for Chantel Cohen

Chantel Cohen is the Founder and CEO of CWC Coaching & Therapy, which provides therapy and coaching services to entrepreneurs. In particular, Chantel is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs of color, women business owners, and founding duos to create the lives they always imagined for themselves.

After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Chantel worked as a program specialist for individuals with psychiatric and physical challenges. She then moved to New York City, where she earned a Master’s degree and Coaching Certification in Executive Coaching and Counseling from Columbia University. In 2011, Chantel founded her company to bring a holistic approach to mental health by empowering her clients to create prosperity in every sense of the word. Through the Become One Again™ Method, her company helps entrepreneurs enhance their relationships with themselves, their partners, and their businesses to alleviate the associated mental stresses that come with a high-demanding career.

CWC Coaching & Therapy’s unique approach has caught the eye of many corporations interested in providing mental health and self-development support for their teams and accelerator programs. As such, CWC Coaching & Therapy is the sole provider of mental health support for the Google For Startup Black Founders Fund. Other clients include Lenovo, Village Capital, Coca-Cola, Discovery Channel, and more.

In recognition of her work with couples, Chantel was named one of the Top 3 Marriage Counselors in the metro Atlanta region in 2019, determined by an independent review that took into consideration factors like client reviews, customer satisfaction, and general excellence.

Today, Chantel generously shares her insight on various platforms, including Forbes, Inc., Psychiatric Times, Best Holistic Life Magazine, and Mantra Wellness, to name a few. As a result of her extensive expertise, she is a coveted speaker who has shared her savoir-faire to engage audiences at a variety of events, including HOPE Global Forums, Goodie Nation, Tech Village, The Technology Association of Georgia, and MarketSource.


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