April 16, 2024

The Business of Meetings – Episode 214 – Strength in Business: A Woman Entrepreneur’s Journey through Bodybuilding, AI, and AV Event Mastery with Anca Platon Trifan  

We are delighted to welcome Anca Platon Trifan as our guest today.

Anca is an entrepreneur and a bodybuilder and she joins us today to dive into AI and AV production events in our industry and discuss bodybuilding.

She is a remarkable individual who is motivated, determined, and truly understands the principles of discipline and excellence.

Stay tuned for her insights and experiences.

The Difference Between CrossFit and Bodybuilding

CrossFit and bodybuilding are distinct fitness cultures with different focuses. CrossFit emphasizes high-intensity workouts with cardio elements, creating a sense of community and accountability, whereas bodybuilding prioritizes muscle building through progressive weightlifting and controlled workouts.

Personal Preferences and Training Routines

Anca prefers bodybuilding due to its pace, the heavy lifting, and the tailored progressions. Bodybuilding allows her to do intense workouts without any demands for high-intensity training. She found it essential to have a coach initially to help her set her goals, create tailored programs, and guide her regarding the nutritional aspects of bodybuilding.

Balancing Fitness with Business

Maintaining a rigorous training schedule alongside owning an AV production company and event business requires meticulous organization and delegation. Anca uses time blocking, strategic planning for her workouts during travel, and self-designed fitness programming.

Mental Resilience and Fitness

Anca highlights the mental benefits of fitness, particularly during difficult life phases. Physical challenges translate into mental strength and creative problem-solving, essential for her business and personal growth, while fitness catalyzes mental clarity and innovative thinking.

Delegation, Trust, and Growth

Anca emphasizes the importance of finding the right fit for delegating team roles and fostering open communication. She initially found delegating tasks like podcast editing in her business challenging, as she has perfectionistic tendencies. However, learning the value of time and how to trust her capable team led to increased efficiency and business growth.

Leveraging AI for Efficiency and Productivity

Anca has found the impact of AI tools transformative in her business operations, particularly for saving time, doing data analysis, and creating content. Using tools for meeting notes, analyzing conversations, and script automation for podcast editing and content repurposing have significantly improved her productivity and workflow.

Recommendations for AI Tools

Anca suggests that business owners use AI tools that align with their specific workflow needs. Examples include Read AI for meeting notes, script automation for content editing, and Repurpose IO for content repurposing across platforms. Those tools empower individuals and businesses to operate efficiently, save time, and focus on their core competencies.

AI Impact on Operations and Sales

AI has significantly impacted how businesses operate and sell their products or services. One area where AI shines is lead generation, helping to target specific customer personas and streamline the process. Using platforms like LinkedIn for purposeful content creation geared towards lead generation can be highly effective. To manage it properly, however, it is essential to have a structured framework tailored to your business goals and customer base.

Tools for Effective AI Implementation

Two recommended tools for leveraging AI in lead generation and workflow management are Bardeen and Chargebee. Bardeen is similar to Zapier but offers more intricate automation capabilities, allowing customized workflows and integrations. Bardeen can automate lead collection from social media platforms like LinkedIn, organize the data, and prepare follow-up actions such as crafting personalized emails or managing drafts. Chargebee, on the other hand, is valuable for crafting custom messages for clients based on their preferences, content, and interactions, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

The Impact of AI on Human Interaction 

Despite the advancements in AI, certain aspects of human interaction remain unchanged and essential. As AI avatars become more prevalent in online interactions, genuine human connections and meaningful conversations become increasingly vital. In the future, maintaining personal connections will become even more critical as AI-driven content and interactions continue proliferating.


Anca Platon Trifan, the visionary behind Tree-Fan Events LLC, stands at the forefront of merging AI with event planning and production, elevating the business and event industry with her innovative #FIT4Events framework: Futuristic AV Production, Innovative AI Technology, Thriving Audiences, and Empowered Teams, all driven by core values of empathy, engagement, and innovation. Anca is the host and producer of “Events Demystified Podcast” and founder of two communities: Fit Mindful Mavens and Women BTS in Events. Anca has received several industry awards, including the 2023 Smart Woman in Meetings and Catalyst AI Quantum Leap Award, and the BizBash+Connect Meetings’ “40 under 40” Event Professionals for 2022. Her work not only elevates event experiences through cutting-edge technology and wellness integration but also showcases her dedication to empowering women in event production and tech. Beyond being an entrepreneur, Anca’s achievements in natural bodybuilding competitions underscore her commitment to fitness and wellness, marking her as a multifaceted business leader pushing the industry boundaries.

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