April 23, 2024

The Business of Meetings – Episode 215 – Crafting Success: How Culture and Values Framed a Global Leader in Picture Manufacturing with Tony Gareri 

Today, we are delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Tony Gareri, the CEO of Roma Moulding.

Tony joins us to discuss the incredible culture he has implemented at Roma Moulding and share actionable strategies and practices for nurturing effective leadership and building an outstanding team.

Today’s discussion is invaluable for anyone seeking to enhance the performance of their organization or workplace environment. Stay tuned for Tony’s expert advice!

Getting into the Business and Building Culture

Tony’s journey into the business began with his father, who was an immigrant and built a picture frame business through hard work and passion. Tony admired his dedication and learned valuable lessons about work ethics and entrepreneurship. Growing up in his father’s business allowed him to develop an appreciation for art and the energy of a thriving workplace culture.

Challenges and Early Partnership

In 1999, Tony transitioned from a financial services career to working with his father. The initial period was challenging, with Tony feeling like a son rather than a partner. However, a heart-to-heart conversation led to mutual respect and a better understanding.

Decision-Making and Seeking Advice

Tony made pivotal decisions independently, guided by his values and instincts. His approach was sincere and had a deep sense of purpose, rather than following conventional paths or seeking validation from others.

Discovering the Importance of Culture

Tony realized the importance of culture and values during the challenging economic times after the global financial crisis. He was inspired by a book he read and visited Zappos, where learning about the power of employee-centric cultures in driving business success inspired him.

Implementing Cultural Changes

Returning from his experiences, Tony initiated a change in the culture of Roma Moulding by defining core values through employee input. That marked the start of a culture focused on delivering exceptional experiences and creating a positive work environment.

Challenges and Responses

Employees initially resisted the cultural transformation and divided themselves into three camps. Some were enthusiastic about change, some observed cautiously, while others resisted. Tony addressed those challenges by fostering transparency, humility, and a shared vision, gradually aligning the team with the evolving company culture.

Defining Success and Coaching Approach

Tony defines his success as clear values and objectives that align with outstanding customer service and employee satisfaction. He implemented coaching strategies to guide employees in embodying the company values and delivering exceptional experiences, leading to a more cohesive and engaged team.

Implementation Timeline

Implementing the new culture took around 24 months and required sustained effort and patience. Creating the change was like planting a tree, where the initial years involved molding and shaping, allowing flexibility similar to bending a young tree. In that phase, they adjusted and fine-tuned the culture to align with the company values.

Cultural Evolution

As the new culture took hold, it attracted and repelled individuals based on their alignment with the company values. This phase marked a significant shift, moving from a flexible, adaptable state to a more established and rooted one.

Pre and Post-COVID Practices

Before the culture change, the company’s hiring practices were haphazard and lacked a systematic approach. Post-implementation, they established a rigorous vetting process based on values. The transformation improved employee satisfaction and tenure, reflecting the effectiveness of aligning hiring practices with core values.

Cultural Transparency and Attraction

The transparent practices of the company played a crucial role in attracting talent and fostering authenticity. The practices engaged current employees and intrigued their competitors’ employees.

Success and Tolerance

Tony believes the success of any company is determined by what is tolerated within the organization. Identifying non-negotiables and addressing those areas is essential for maintaining the company culture and driving long-term success.


Tony’s journey is one of relentless determination and unwavering faith. Through his electrifying presentations, insightful writings, and captivating conversations, he leaves a lasting mark on the hearts and minds of those he encounters. Tony’s mission is clear—to empower others to break through barriers, shatter preconceived notions, and create extraordinary lives.

As a visionary leader, Tony not only excels in the realm of speaking engagements but also spearheads multiple thriving businesses, constantly pushing the boundaries of success. His wisdom and expertise have earned him a prominent place on influential podcasts, captivating audiences with his profound insights. In addition, Tony curates a distinguished blogging platform, hosts an engaging online show, and is currently crafting a highly anticipated book slated for release in the fall. His unwavering dedication to holistic development and diverse contributions establish him as a true expert in the fields of workplace happiness, leadership, and personal growth.

Prepare yourself for an epic journey of self-discovery and transformation under the guidance of Tony Gareri. His practicality, faith, and unwavering belief in the realm of limitless possibilities will empower you to defy the odds, conquer challenges, and unlock the extraordinary potential within you. Get ready to embrace a life filled with boundless opportunities and remarkable achievements.

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