April 13, 2021

Ola Awofeso | The Business of Meetings Podcast

We are honored to be speaking to Olamide “Ola” Awofeso today! Ola started her career in Public Relations, and she later created her own consulting company. Ola also does marketing and works with non-profits through multicultural events. Before that, she used to be with an agency where she worked on accounts like Walmart, J&J, Loreal, and Procter and Gamble. Ola is also a rockstar on Clubhouse! She is building a community there and sharing valuable information.

Ola is joining us to discuss her experience as an entrepreneur, talk about the power of collaboration and purpose, and share how she used Clubhouse to create a community.

We’re sure you will enjoy listening to our conversation with Ola today!

Ola Awofeso’s bio

Ola Awofeso is a marketer, an event strategist, and the founder of E.K.O Consulting, a marketing and events consulting business dedicated to helping business owners, brands, and nonprofits connect with multicultural audiences through marketing, events, and partnerships. Her love for events began early in her career as she worked as a public relations specialist in New York City. It was there that she got exposed to attending and working on many events. Those events include shows, fairs, and exhibitions such as the New York Design Show, Kipps Bay Decorator Show House, and Frieze Art Fair for clients in décor, design, and entrepreneurship. Later in her career, she was able to work with the Bloomberg team on their New Energy Finance summit and knew that events led by professional and social impact were her niche. Over the years, she partnered with brands such as WeWork and General Assembly on events in her beloved New York City. Olamide is passionate about marketing, events, and community.

Some background

Ola started her career in PR. She worked mostly with clients in art and décor, and she went to many very detailed trade shows. She got into the events industry because those shows opened her eyes to what was happening in that industry and she grew to love that space.

Project management

Although some people say that meetings and corporate planning are boring, that is the space that has the most to offer Ola in terms of project management. It also entails a lot of sponsorships that you need to garner for events. With her PR and marketing background, Ola felt she could hone in on that space, and her skills could get utilized most effectively there.


Ola currently works with a non-profit that works towards getting more black people into technology. Daily, Ola looks at different tech companies. She does that to see if they are trying to get more black talent into the tech space and find out how they are doing it. She is in constant communication with the Growth Marketing Managers because their responsibility is to help the company grow. She is also in touch with recruiters and community managers.

How to create a community

Find a space that is not being served and listen to your audience.

Ola Awofeso Clubhouse overview

Clubhouse is about community-building and allowing people to come in with their ideas and speak freely. When Ola first got onto Clubhouse, she did not see any of the planning clubs, so she created one. By doing that, she had conversations about different topics and she brought people up to the stage on Clubhouse to talk. Then, she started to post rooms more frequently. She also found someone to become her co-moderator at Clubhouse.

Leveraging the power of collaboration

Collaboration is vital if you want to create an impactful community. Listen to your audience, and give those people the space to speak. Also, be authentic. Ola shares what she knows, and she empowers people when it comes to the industry.

Ola Awofeso’s thoughts on understanding your purpose

Finding her purpose was all about trial and error for Ola Awofeso. She had to learn to be comfortable in stepping outside of the box and allowing herself to shine. She also had to decide whether her purpose was just about her or about other people as well. She started doing events because she wanted to educate people about their careers and personal development. Once you align your call and your purpose, you can go very far. You need to step back and discover what it is that you are good at doing and know who you are serving.

Her first event

Ola did her first event because she wanted to educate people who were struggling in their careers.

Creating her own company

Ola started her company five years ago. Creating her own company was about finding out which factors and what kind of value she wanted to add to the world, aside from corporate. She also wanted to decide what her legacy would be.


Ola learned that it is okay to shift things and change direction. She rebranded her company last year because she wanted to shift who her client would be.

Ola Awofeso, on being mentored

Ola Awofeso started her business on her own. But throughout the years, she has had mentors and people from whom she could seek advice. Her brother is a full-time entrepreneur, and he gives her advice.

Breaking the solitude of the entrepreneur

Tell your circle and your network about what you are doing in your business and don’t allow anyone to make you feel a certain way if you decide to become a part-time entrepreneur, because many people build their skills at their day-job while being a part-time entrepreneur. Social media can be a great tool, but not all businesses are on social media because their customers are not there.


Understand where your audience is. It could be email-list heavy, or Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter-heavy. You also need to understand what your focus will be. Once you know that, you can check out different videos, e-books, and podcasts about that niche and share that with your audience.

Achieving the best

Having a calendar to list her daily priorities is something Ola loves. She used to feel like she was doing too many things at once, so she learned to block the time for her various tasks. Having a project management tool has also been very useful for her. Ola likes to use Asana because it is simple and easy to use.

Effective sponsorship

Effective sponsorship aligns with whoever your client is. Because when you are looking for sponsorship, you want longevity. Long-lasting and effective sponsorship will build trust for your brand and with others when they come to you. Relationship-building is essential for effective sponsorship.

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Ola’s Clubhouse community is called Event Planners and Producers United

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