January 17, 2023

The Business of Meetings – Episode 149 – Who Needs a Paper Ticket in the Digital World with Matt Wolff

Today, we are happy to be speaking with Matt Wolff, the Founder, and CEO of the Ticket Time Machine!

In this episode, Matt gets into how his niche is taking him in the opposite direction from where the rest of the market is going.

We hope you enjoy listening to today’s captivating conversation with Matt Wolff!


Matt is the Founder & CEO of Ticket Time Machine™, a souvenir ticket company that specializes in commemorative keepsakes. They are keeping the printed memory alive with their commemorative keepsakes and enhancing the fan experience with their digital experiences. He grew up in Marlboro, NJ, and graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) in 1998 with his twin brother. He got married on Leap Day (2/29/20) and currently lives in Lake Worth, FL with his wife and cats. He has 3 Nieces and 3 Nephews and likes to spoil them whenever he visits. Ever since graduating college, Matt has been going to sporting events and concerts non-stop. He has traveled the world (over 20 countries and 41 states) watching sporting events, trying new food, and listening to music.

Matt’s journey

Many years ago, Matt started his sales career by selling ticket printing services for Worldwide Ticket Craft. After six or seven years, he left the ticketing world to find a new sales opportunity and started selling anti-money laundering software.

About four years later, he was at a no-hitter Marlins game with a digital ticket when they announced that anyone who wanted a printed ticket could get one from the box office. He asked them to customize his ticket to say the game was a no-hitter, and they said they could not, even though Matt knew they could. That very day, Ticket Time Machine was born, and about a year later, Matt quit his job to go all-in on his souvenir-ticketing business.


Matt gave his notice about three months before Covid hit. Even with a year of lost sales, he would not think twice about making the same decision again because without having had a year with no pressure to sell anything, he would not be where he is right now.

A keepsake

Offering a souvenir-collectible item that was functional and useful as a keepsake for events, proved successful, even if it was not used for admission.

Matt’s goal

Matt wants to become the Ticketmaster of souvenir tickets! When he started Ticket Time Machine, he set the goal that by 2025, he will have a Ticket Time Machine Suite in the swamp.

Matt’s ambition

Even though he is a solopreneur, Matt has tech and silent partners, and he surrounds himself with a network of mentors and others helping him get to where he wants to go. His ambition is to become part of the international market.


Matt’s revenue for 2022 is 10x what it was in 2021, and he hopes to go 10x again in 2023!

Getting everything done

Matt has some things that have to get done and other things he would like to do. He does a lot of multi-tasking and tends to push things around a bit, but he always ensures that whatever is most important gets done first.

Mental health

Matt’s number one rule for mental health is that he never argues with his body. So, if he feels tired during the day, he stops doing whatever he is doing and takes a nap. He has experienced depression before, so he is aware that he needs to take care of himself and find the time to do things that make him happy. He also cares about others and likes to take care of them too.

Customer service

Matt believes that all the various aspects of his excellent customer service have led to his success in sales.

Building a company culture

Building a healthy and sustainable company culture requires everyone to be flexible until the right way gets figured out. Regardless of the culture and size of the company, everyone must always get treated well.

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